No School for Intermediate and Primary on Friday 10/29/21

We have been in constant contact with SWEPCO regarding the power outage at the Primary/Intermediate. Although they have been working diligently, power has still not been restored. They are not able to guarantee that it will be restored prior to bus times in the morning. Therefore, we will be cancelling school tomorrow, Friday, October 29,  on the Primary & Intermediate campus. (MS and HS will have class as normal). We want to do this now so that parents/guardians have an opportunity to make arrangements. We apologize for this late notice but this is our only option at this time. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Pep Rally Information

White Oak Primary and Intermediate students will not be attending the High School Pep Rally tomorrow, October 29th.

This Pep Rally is reserved for Middle School and High School students because it is the Black Light Pep Rally.

Thank you for your understanding.


We are currently still experiencing a power outage at the Primary and Intermediate. It is unknown at this time when power will be restored. We are dismissing at this time. Please come pick up your primary and intermediate students.
Intermediate parents should line up like regular car dismissal and your child will be brought to you. Primary parents should line up cars in front of the lower level Primary entrance and your child will be brought to you.
Please call 903-291-2203 if you are not able to pick up your child.
At this time we are not running early bus routes. We will make that determination after students have been picked up.
The middle school and high school will remain in school. They are not experiencing any power outages.

Power Outage Update

Parents and Guardians,

The elementary building is currently without power. However, electricians are working on restoring power, and we expect that to happen very soon. All students have eaten lunch and instruction is still taking place. The phones are down at this time. We are NOT dismissing students at this time.  We will update shortly when power is restored. Thank you!

Important Pep Rally News

The time of the Pep Rally scheduled for Friday, October 1 has been changed to be held during the instructional day for Primary and Intermediate. Primary and Intermediate Students will not attend the Pep Rally tomorrow. Please plan on picking up your elementary student at regular dismissal time. 

We will re-evaluate each week as to whether or not elementary students will be allowed to attend.

Thank you for your understanding!