Kindergarten Round Up






Incoming Kindergarten students are invited and encouraged to come to Kindergarten Round Up on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 anytime between 8:30 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. Please use the entrance on the north side of the building.  (This is the entrance where Primary car pick up and drop off normally is.) Parents must bring a certified birth certificate, social security card, and current shot records. Parents will fill out enrollment information while your child meets with the Kindergarten teachers.



Thanks Mathnasium for donating $160 to White Oak Intermediate School.  Each participant received a goody bag and certificate of participation, while the top 3 scorers in each grade also received medals and prizes.    Mathnasium donated $10 for every participant to their respective school.  For schools with more than 5 students  participating, Mathnasium doubled the donation to $20 per student. 


Brenda Lawrence 4th Grade Teacher

Brenda Lawrence, retiring with 26 years teaching experience –  21 of those years at White Oak.  You are loved and will be deeply missed.  So many stories we have shared over the years, so many lives you have touched both students and adults.  Your friends at White Oak are so excited for you and your new journey.   Love and hugs are sent your way!

Day 10

Dear Students and Teachers,

That Charlie sure thinks he’s a wise guy, doesn’t he?  He thinks his sign ‘I made snow’ is real cute, huh?  I don’t know about you, but the onlyCharlie’s SnoBalls I like is the real Charlie’s SnoBalls located in Kilgore – the best shaved ice you could ever eat!
I’m convinced that he must be caught by tomorrow and we send him home early.  I’m calling in the troups to help on this one.  Hmmm….I may just have a plan up my sleeve!
Charlie’s days are numbered,
Mrs. Rock

Day 9

Charlie Collage

Dear Students and Teachers,

 We have an impostor amongst us!  Charlie is trying to take the place of all teachers and office personnel.  If he tries to take over your classrooms, please do not pay any attention to him.  At this point, learning is critical and the teachers do not need Charlie’s help.  (Shh – don’t tell him I said this, but he doesn’t even know how to count.)
Let’s hope that Charlie can have SOME good days this week!
Mrs. Rock