Fun Friday Clubs Begin August 30th

For all of our students who do not go to the pep rallies on Fridays, we are incorporating some diverse afternoon activities. These are sure to provide students with opportunities to learn a new skill, experience social interaction across grade levels, and just plain have fun. Students have completed a survey specifying their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choices. This was most successful last year, and we are thrilled to be able to bring it back this year. Stay at school and be part of one of our Friday Fun Clubs.

Art with Math
Bunco Bash
Critical Thinking Game
DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)
Directed Drawing/Art
Doodle Art and Sketch
EV3 Robotics
Game On
Improv Stars
KEVA Blocks
Legos Blocks
Legos and Puzzles
Making Music
Moving Making
Mystery Mosaics
Osmo Club
Puzzle Club
Reading Club
Sign Language
We Like to Move It (Dance, Zumba)


Intermediate Parent Orientation Scheduled


Parent Orientation has been scheduled for the parents of intermediate students on Tuesday, August 27th,  from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Teachers have enjoyed getting to know their students and establishing a climate of self-worth coupled with a strong work ethic.

The orientation will begin at 5:30 in the elementary cafeteria with a brief meeting. Parents will then be dismissed to the designated areas for their grade levels.

Parents, please mark your calendars and make plans to attend.

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Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Students


Primary parents will no longer be allowed to pull students from the walkout line during dismissal. All students will be dismissed from the gym beginning with bus riders FIRST. All other students will be dismissed after all buses have left the circle. They will be walked out and parents may then take their child.

Reminder: All intermediate students who walk home will get on the last bus and ride to the Middle School where they will be dismissed to walk home. This will provide a safer route as they will use the crosswalk and have the traffic controlled by the school crossing guard. Intermediate parents may not park and walk in to pick up students at the end of the day. Parents should use the car pickup line following the procedures shown below.

Even though we have very organized and specific procedures in place for dismissal and student pick-up, intermediate parents need to be mindful that there are 18 classes of primary students who will be dismissing only twenty minutes prior to intermediate dismissal. Many of these students have never been to school and this will result in congestion for about the first week of school. Bus drivers will be delivering new students to new addresses. The buses will be later arriving back to pick up our intermediate students. This will also result in your students arriving home a little later than usual the first week.


We want our parents informed and prepared for intermediate pickup, and each parent needs to become familiar with the TWO dismissal procedures that will be followed throughout the year. The video below illustrates and states the procedures that students and their parents will follow at the end of each day. If everyone will review and know these procedures, we are confident that we can keep our students, your children, safe.