There has been some confusion between drop-off procedures and dismissal procedures. This post will clear up any misconceptions between the two different scenarios.

During the morning drop-off, the above map shows where the two campuses are located and their entrances. Respective personnel are assigned morning duties at these locations to help with our students. NO Students are to be dropped off before 7:15 at which time school employees are available to ensure student safety.  ALL of the buses pull through the bus lane located at the entrance of the Intermediate Campus. Cars are not allowed in this lane until all buses have unloaded the students. At that time, cars may use that circle for drop-off.

Parents may not park on the top parking lot and walk students across as a morning option. Neither may parents park and drop-off students to walk across by themselves. This is not allowed.

If a student arrives after 8:00 a.m., a parent must walk the student inside and a tardy slip will be generated for the student to be admitted to class. Should a parent need to enter the building in the morning, the parent must park in the parking lot and buzz in to enter. Reminder: the first three rows of cars are reserved for faculty.

These procedures have been put into place for the safety of our children. Please respect and follow them.


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