STAAR Results

Parents may access their student’s STAAR test results by going to and entering the student’s UAC (unique access code) and birthdate. 

Click on “Log in to Student Portal“.  Once you have accessed the Portal, click on “Look Up Access Code“.

You will be asked to enter your child’s First Name, PEIMS ID (Social Security No. no spaces), and Birthdate.

Paper copies will be sent to school districts at a later date.


FYI: As of a few minutes ago, I received the following response from TEA as to why student scores were not posted as of yet:

“Good afternoon,

Yes, the score rollout begins today for grades 3-8.  The vendor has until the very end of the day to post the scores, so please keep checking back with the website into the late afternoon and evening.  They definitely should be posted by early AM tomorrow.  Thank you.”






4 thoughts on “STAAR Results

  1. When I do the “look up access code”. It says it “cannot search for my child’s code” and to contact the school? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this because her results aren’t in the system yet?

    • Third grade is the first year for students to be assigned a unique access code (UAC). You will have to click on “Find my access code” and follow the prompts to enter the name, social security number and birthdate. We don’t have the access codes for students just completing third grade. Perhaps try at the latest tomorrow morning and see if you have any luck.

        • I would wait and try again tomorrow. It may be that the company uploading the info doesn’t have everything in the system just yet. If all else fails, there is a contact button on top of the home screen of and you can see if they are able to help. Unfortunately, the school has no control over the website and the state assigns the UAC’s. Let us know what you find out.