Expect Delays Today

Intermediate students will begin their dismissal procedures as soon as Primary has finished their dismissal procedures. Primary students dismiss at an earlier time and will usually be finished before intermediate students come downstairs. Remember, however, many primary students have never been to school and do not know their addresses. This delay will correct itself in a few days. Until that time, EXPECT DELAYS for Intermediate students.

Yesterday, it took Intermediate 10-15 minutes tops to get all of the intermediate students either on the bus or in a car that was in the pickup line.  Parents should not park and get out of their vehicles because students will not be dismissed except by these two procedures. This will only result in more time spent because it will be necessary for you to get back in the car pickup line.

If you would prefer for your child to ride a bus home instead of waiting in the long car pickup line, please contact Scott Stagner or let the Intermediate office know.


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