RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY on Wednesday, Aug. 2nd

ONLY RETURNING STUDENTS will be allowed to complete IN-PERSON registration tomorrow. Parents MUST have already completed the online registration portion via Skyward. Provide proof of residence, Pick up classroom assignment, and Pay any fees/or fines tomorrow in the elementary gym.
Times: Doors will OPEN at 8:30-7:00

2 thoughts on “RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY on Wednesday, Aug. 2nd

  1. I cannot get into the skyward sys for preregistration. It does not recognize my email, the same one this message was sent to. My daughter Kayci Spears will be going into 6th grade. If this msg is not being received by the proper person please forward to the proper person, ty.
    Robert Spears

    • We cannot forward a blog comment, but because Kayci will be going into 6th grade, you will need to contact the Middle School office for directions on what you should do. The schedule shows that returning students for 6th grade will register on Thursday. You should contact their office before that time so that they can assist you in resolving this issue in time for you to complete online registration prior to in-person registration. This will save you a great deal of time on Thursday. We hope that this helps.