TEA Announces Availability of New Student Reports

The Texas Education Agency has announced changes in the Confidential Student Reports (CSR) that parents usually receive following the STAAR tests. On June 13th, they plan to activate the TexasAssessment.com website where parents can log in and using their child’s Unique Student ID number, access testing results. Please note that even though the website will be active on June 13th, grades 3-8 reports will not be available ONLINE until June 30th.

You will find your child’s Unique Student ID number located on the bottom of past STAAR CSR which have come home in previous years.  This number will not change from year to year but will remain the same throughout high school. While the links are not active at this time, you will notice there will be a link to assist you in finding your child’s Unique Student ID number just underneath the red login button in the event you cannot locate you child’s past CSR.

We are very excited that parents will have access to their child(ren)’s results in such a timely manner.

3 thoughts on “TEA Announces Availability of New Student Reports

  1. Do you know when we should expect to receive the results from the STARR tests, taken back in March? Kiddos said results were going to be mailed home to parents a few weeks after the tests were taken from the state, and we still have not received them.

    • Parents can actually go to the website linked in the blog post, enter your child’s UAC found along the bottom of previous years’ STAAR assessments along with your child’s birthday. This will pull up your child’s entire testing history. Paper copies will not arrive before the end of the school year.