Day 8

Dear Students and Teachers,

Something tragic happened to Charlie Thursday.  He came to me after school, admitting that he was not feeling very well.  At first I thought he was about to pull another prank, but then I saw something very sad.  Charlie began to whimper and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was serious.  He told me that several students had touched him while he was in the wheelchair.  You may not know, but if you touch an elf, they can lose their magic powers.
Charlie began to feel worse and I knew he was going downhill fast.  Mr. Barry came in just at the right moment and administered CPR to Charlie.  Even though he has been a thorn in my side since he arrived, I couldn’t let the little guy suffer.  Thank goodness Mr. Barry got him stable.  Charlie has asked for some time today to rest and see if his magic powers can come back.  I will grant him this today.  He has promised that he will be a good elf next week.  We shall see.
Keeping an eye on Charlie,
Mrs. Rock
P.S. – Charlie wanted me to tell all of you “thanks” for the well wishes.
Sick Charlie

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